Microwave Radar Systems for Medical Imaging and Sensing Applications

Ultra-wide band microwave imaging is a promising method for the detection of several diseases inside a human body including cancer and stroke. The advantages of microwave imaging over conventional methods such as computed tomography (CT) scan, mammography and X-ray are low cost and a non-ionisation method. There are two main categories of microwave imaging: Microwave tomography and Ultra-wideband (UWB) radar based imaging. Microwave tomography works by reconstructing the dielectric constant of the imaging object, based on the scattered EM field of a single frequency or multiple frequencies. The UWB method transmits a short pulse towards a target and its scattered field is measured. UWB microwave imaging offers fast detection due to less computational power required compared to tomography technique.

Several research studies are being conducted within this group for medical microwave imaging. These include: investigation of microwave sensing for diagnosing brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, stroke, etc., development of a wearable device for microwave head imaging for detecting stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, wearable and portable system for lung and breast cancer detections, and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based phase shifter for future integration with antenna array for beam steering application. 

Present projects address the following areas:

  • Investigation of electromagnetic wave interaction with human body
  • Development of wearable devices for microwave medical imaging and diagnostics
  • Miniaturisation of antenna for medical and wireless applications
  • Tissue characterisation and dielectric measurements of healthy and diseases tissues
  • Fabrication of realistic artificial phantoms, such as head, breast and lung, for microwave imaging testing
  • Development of microave imaging algorithms for noninvasive medical imaging
  • Implementation of Big Data approaches for scaling and processing of RF data
  • Implementation of AI and machine learning algorithms to classify and predict the onset of diseases.
  • MEMS varactor for tunable RF front end components for future wireless communication
  • MEMS DMTL phase shifter for low frequency applications

Details of the projects can be found below:

Recent Publications:

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